Bengaluru Discusses Workforce Diversity & Women Safety

Feb 9, 2021 | Human Resource

Women safety at work and workforce diversity have been the two burning topics of discussion throughout the last decade. Realizing the vitality of the same, Electronic City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA) and Electronic City Industry Association (ELCIA) are co-hosting a meet involving the HR Heads of firms pertaining to the area.

Eminent speakers at the event:

  • Ms Rama NS, Lt. Gen PG Kamath – Former Commandant, Army War College
  • Wg. Cdr. LP Joshi – Former Operations Director at HCL

The topics to be discussed comprise “Implementation of POSH”and promotion of “Workforce Diversity through Veteran Hiring”.

For the very first time, Bengaluru will be seen debating on two of the most pressing issues of the corporate India. The event is expected to draw the attention of the entire country, with corporations from different industry sectors keeping a close eye on the keynotes to be delivered by the esteemed speakers.

‘POSH’ for Women Safety at Work

Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act, 2013 (POSH) is the landmark statute framed by the Supreme Court of India that ensures women safety at work. The law ensures a safe, secure, and enabling working environment for women that is free from sexual harassment. Under the said Act, an employer with ten or more number of people as ‘employees’ is needed to form an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC), to which women can reach out to, for registering complaints pertaining to sexual harassment.

The event is said to bring awareness about the POSH Act in India, its relevance, and the potential impact on the well-being of working women. Year 2020 registered a total of 657 cases of sexual harassment against women in India, while 2019 witnessed 675. 

Workforce Diversity with Inclusion of Veterans

Including veterans in the organizational talent pool makes it more diverse, competent, experienced, and skilled. They possess a proven track record of working successfully under challenging conditions. Added to that, veterans bring in strong value system with their unparalleled experience. The ‘Meet’ will discuss on how corporations can leverage the talent, expertise, and experience of veterans to strengthen their work culture and leadership.

Keep following, as we will be bringing in the news pertaining to the happenings at the said meet.

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