Business Trends in the ‘New Normal’

Jan 19, 2021 | Trends

As the virus-spread slowly comes down, the new year brings in new hopes and aspirations for business growth, across industries. Here’s what 2021 has in store for us in context of potential opportunities for business growth under the ‘new normal’. 

Personal Finance & Investments

In the last few years, mutual fund distributors have come into prominence, and have ruled the investment markets. The near future will see the emergence of online-first financial advisory models. 2021 is going to be the year wherein a large number of internet IPOs will be seen listing themselves on the stock market indexes. Stock market investors will be seeing the golden time of investing into digital firms that will dominate the business landscape in the next few decades.

Business Opportunities

This year, business innovation will blow off, and under the ‘new normal’, the business entities that were successful in digitizing their operations last year, will continue growing. Investors have long been talking about the ESG (environmental, social and governance) model of investing, which is expected to take off in 2021.

Last year brought leadership detox for a big chunk of enterprise leaders, across industries. This year will witness the inception of young, expressive, and agile leadership that will bring three major shifts in the  business conduct & functioning – 1) less time to be spent in movement from business ideation to creation 2) communication to building of empathetic professional connections 3) shift from business cooperation to active collaboration.

Remote Working & WFH (Work-from-Home)

The workplace in 2021 has already shifted from offices to homes, but that also brings in possibilities of increased cybercrimes happening, as it becomes almost impossible for firms to manage IT security when the employees are spread across geographies.

Besides, it’s a given that many industries are never coming back to the office in terms of running business operations. This will pave way for a hybrid WFH model that will become the new normal in context of the future of work.

A large percentage of tech startups will operate fully remote from day one. Tourist spots are going to become workplaces for professionals in many industry sectors under the new ‘work-from-anywhere’ model.

Women Leadership

Female leaders emerged as winners across a number of business sectors during the timespan concerning the COVID pandemic. They proved themselves as the ‘best-equipped’ to manage the crisis. Women were quite visible in different industry sectors taking challenges head-on while managing the COVID-led economic adversities. 

With increased inclination of businesses towards WFH policy in 2021, young mothers will get empowered to work full-time while taking care of their infants at the same time. This will eventually lead to an increased participation of women in the workforce this year.  Feminine skillset, like empathy, storytelling, creativity, among many others will earn much respect in a world post COVID.

We hope the year brings in new business opportunities alongside an environment that would back the same.  The virus-spread is gradually dying its natural death, and we believe, things will return back to the normal pretty soon, sparing the mandatory change to digitalization under the ‘new normal’.

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