Communicating Brand Philosophy with Custom eLearning

Feb 2, 2021 | Learning, Featured

Customized eLearning is the way forward to improving the L&D (learning and development) effectiveness of organizations. Especially, in a world post COVID that is, more or less, being run digitally there is a very high chance of your employees going through a digital fatigue. It is a real issue and it really calls for the learning professionals to consider the role of custom content over off-the-shelf (OTS) learning content.

Moving into the ‘new normal’, the growth of custom eLearning services is expected to touch the skies, as almost every business across industry verticals will be seeking customized learning content to train its remote workforce.

Sharing the Brand Philosophy with Customized eLearning

This is where customized eLearning beats every other form of training content, as you can create and present the learning material in a manner that showcases your brand’s philosophy & values, which is critical to keeping your learners engaged and connected to the training programs.

Custom eLearning allows you to decide every single word that goes into your learning modules. You design the questionnaire, the knowledge tests, the content flow. You also design according to your audience. To quote Gerri Donohue, VP- Learning, EmPro Insurance whose custom learning material has recently been awarded the prestigious Brandon Hall Award, ‘Education is all about people. Two things you need to know the people that make up your audience. And you know, need to know the people that make up your team. And you need to make sure that the people on the team are completely and 100% absorbed and pleased; and understanding the needs of your audience. And I think when that comes together, it’s a beautiful and perfect combination.’ 

Making the most of the trackable ‘digital age’, custom content allows you the scope to modify based on the input you are receiving on your content. While just about everything is drafted keeping in mind your business objectives and future goals, it definitely forges a more passionate human relation with your learner and that my dear reader, is the power of customized eLearning.

You may also listen to Gerri Donohue, to understand the effect in depth.

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