Digital-Readiness is All That Matters

Feb 2, 2021 | Tech, Featured

Post pandemic, what has become the most crucial for organizations, across industry sectors, is digital readiness. The organization with a higher degree of digitization will outperform its competitors in most cases. Organizations that were digital-ready when the wrath of the pandemic was at its peak, were predominantly not affected by the sudden change in operations across departments.

Take the case of Cavinkare India, a highly reputed FMCG brand with 38 long years of experience the business. According to their L&D Head, Mr. Jaswanth Sharanarthy, the company had already stepped into the digital space, even before the COVID hit India. The organizational productivity and revenues stood rock strong, even while the pandemic was in full swing.

According to ‘TCS COVID-19 Business Impact Survey 2020’, majority of organizations were caught ill-prepared to adapt to digitization during the COVID-led lockdowns across the globe. Only one-quarter of the respondents in the said survey succeeded in delivering end-to-end digital customer experience, while only 23% said that they have had automated core business processes in place. McKinsey, in a survey last year, found that the advent of COVID pushed businesses across industry sectors by several years, to adopt new-age digital technologies.

In the case of Cavinkare, them being equipped with digital infrastructure to run their core business processes, also helped their employees stay motivated throughout the times of the adversity. In return, they got to maintain the productivity amid all the hue & cry pertaining to the pandemic.

Cavinkare has had an LXP (Learning Experience Platform) software onboarded for personnel training & learning purposes much before the inception of the pandemic. It helped immensely in offering personalized training to each employee while they were working remotely during the pandemic driving engagement and also sustaining quality. Besides acting as a training tool, an LXP can also be leveraged as an effective communication medium that caters to both kind of needs, employee-employee & management-employee.

The ‘future of work’ under the ‘new normal’ will embrace remote-working, that’s for sure. And hence, the more a company gets digitized in its functioning of operations, the better will be the chances to succeed in a post-COVID era.

Listen to Jaswanth Saranarthy, L&D Head, Cavinkare explain the benefits of digital-readiness.

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