Employee Burnout is a HR Responsibility

Feb 11, 2021 | Human Resource

Remember a time when ‘work’ and ‘leave’ were two distinct aspects of our lives. That has drastically changed as your home is now your office and leaves no longer feel like ‘leaves’. Globally, maintaining work-life balance has become a real struggle for the employees across industries.

Employees too, are hesitating to ask for leaves in a WFH (work-from-home) environment, making themselves prone to burnouts and work-led fatigue. On the other hand, not taking leaves in a remote working environment can prove to be detrimental to employee health, and performance. Hence, HR teams must intervene, especially under the ‘new normal’ by tracking and monitoring the period an employee had been working constantly without a break. 

In a recent interview with Soyirindhi Hore, HRBP, Verizon Media HCMGuru got to know about some very constructive steps that are being taken by industry leaders to tackle the issue.

Flexible Leaves: More flexibility in leave grants as people are more prone to burnouts and health issues in a WFH environment. As people are mostly housebound in the remote working environment, the physical mobility has lessened drastically, thereby allowing diseases to creep in as a result of decreased immunity. Taking leaves from time-to-time will allow them to step out and rejuvenate themselves.

Increased Insurance Cover: Proactive efforts need to be made by HR department in terms of shooting up the medical insurance cover, as that’s what employees strive for in the current situation.

Critical Care Benefits: A new medical benefit needs to be introduced under the category – critical care benefits. Under this, additional leaves will be offered to employees who have someone in their blood relation needing care.

To look at an example of novel approaches in this area, we have Deloitte. This multinational giant took an innovative approach to make more leaves available to their employees. They created a ‘shared leave bank’ that provided the employees with an option to donate their leaves to a colleague who is in desperate need of a day off. This policy can work wonders for a scenario wherein if someone in your team has exhausted his monthly leave balance and there is a medical emergency in his family.  

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