Intrapreneurship: The Company Culture that Drives Growth

Oct 27, 2020 | Human Resource

It’s already the third quarter of a very challenging year and companies are buckling their belts to finalize the strategy for 2021. Things have been getting back to normal or one can say a ‘new’ normal for the past couple of months but what has been the key takeaway for most businesses this year more than ever? Ownership of the employee.

Nobody knew what hit them when countries across the globe had to lockdown public movement and spaces. The initial phase of the work from home routine seemed pretty drastic. However, it is the employee’s ownership of task that helped organizations to flourish despite the challenges of remote working.

What needs to be noted here is that it has always been the accountability of the employee that has driven growth for an organization and this accountability comes from the attachment an employee feels towards their company. It engages them at a deeper level and an engaged employee will go that extra mile to meet the deadline or satisfy the customer. They will innovate and troubleshoot but they will do all of this and more only if they get more autonomy and feel confident to aim for entrepreneurial objectives. This is what experts call ‘intrapreneurship’. Is that a part of your strategy yet? If not, take notes.

Individual Potential

Traditionally companies always hire a person for a defined job role but what if the job role was defined according to the person? Surveys show that encouraging employees to develop and exercise their natural talent increases productivity significantly.  Employees who use their innate strengths on the job are more motivated, and teams with a diverse set of strength are more likely to collaborate and grow. Read more about how to enhance the existing skill set of your employees to leverage the same for better performance.

Conditions to Grow

The first myth that needs to be done away with is ‘employees leave when they acquire new skills.’ Employees leave when they feel or are made to feel that they are not being able to contribute. It is an imperative to create the right growth conditions for your employees by giving them the support they need to learn and develop new skills or hone their existing strengths. It is with this support that employees grow to be leaders and take your business forward. It makes them more confident and responsible about their role in the organization which becomes the catalyst for the overall growth.

Manish Gupta, CEO of one of the fastest growing learning technology solutions company, GCube had started the company 20 years back and has seen many employees grow within the organization to take up senior leadership positions eventually. He observes ‘the culture we have at GCube is that if you are hungry for growth and willing to take ownership, then you will have no dearth of opportunities to grow. All GCubians who imbibe this culture get a wide canvas to paint on.Learn, make mistakes, learn again, and grow and with them the organization grows. Employees don’t leave when they have learnt new skills – they leave when they stop enjoying their work. That can be due to lack of growth, appreciation or ownership, or even because of incompatibility with the role. Solve that, and your star performers will stay with you forever!’.’

Evolution is proof to the fact that human beings are continuous learners and that is what sets them apart, keeps them motivated and drives their growth. Make sure your strategy emphasizes on their need.

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