Not your Regular CLO

Sep 15, 2020 | Tech

Gone are the days when the job of a learning and development head was to build classroom programs and send learning materials to each and every employee in the organization. All of that is taken care of now by technology. So does that not leave much for an L&D expert to do? Of course it does.  

Beyond Definition  

Advancement in technology is driving changes in every sphere and is forcing an evolution of tasks and associated roles. With the advent of learning management systems and now learning experience platforms, much of the job of a L&D professional has been automated which brings about a need for change in their KRAs. While machines can take care of the execution, L&D heads have to think of themselves more as curators of tools and techniques to enhance employee performance. 

Being Human 

It is the human factor that must be focused upon. While an AI enabled system will predict skill gaps and recommend courses to the employee, it will be the job of L&D expert to find out what are the motivations, the challenges and the stories. The role now demands that you take a closer look at the behavioral change that you need to drive in your employees to make them continuous learners. As new technologies appear everyday it is extremely important for employees to have the mentality to learn to remain relevant.  

We keep hearing a lot about experiential learning. So who is at the center of this experience that we are so keen to create? A human being who is full of possibilities and potential. It is now the job of the L&D expert to unleash that potential to its fullest for businesses to scale new heights.   

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