One Pandemic, Multiple Job Seeking Challenges, and Diverse Generations

Mar 12, 2021 | Human Resource

LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index just rolled out and it has a lot to say on job seeking during the ongoing pandemic. The survey revealed the biggest obstacles that different generations are facing at present. Absence of jobs was reported by all generations as the number one hindrance to finding a perfect opportunity. 10,579 professionals in the US took part in the said survey, and the respondents’ feedback was recorded during the period between Jan 16 and Feb 12, 2021.

While Gen Z (11%) and millennials (12%) cited a ‘weaker professional network’ as one of the prime reasons to not finding a suiting job, Baby Boomers (10%) on the other hand, hinted at ‘ageism’ coming in their way of bagging a dream job role.

The survey also noted that 16% of millennial jobseekers are unable to conform to the requisite academic qualification, or the right work experience. ‘Lacking motivation to seek something new’ is what 12% of millennials identified as their top obstacle at the moment.

As per the index’s readings, 18% of baby boomers see no obstacles at all in securing the job of their choice, however, they need to deal with an entirely different set of challenges.

That summates the key observations of the LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index Report. What’s putting a restrain on your job-seeking efforts during the pandemic? Let us know about your challenges so that we can create awareness about the situation through our platform.

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