Redefining eLearning with Channel Approach

Mar 2, 2021 | Trends

Watch cat videos on YouTube a couple of times and without even wanting to, you’ll end up watching it a hundred times over. That’s because YouTube has learnt about your choice from the earlier videos that you watched and now the recommendation system or the algorithm of the portal throws up similar recommendations. Eventually, you end up spending much more time on YouTube than what you intended to in the first place.

Similar technology is now being utilized in LXPs that offer personalized eLearning solutions based on your choice, says Sayan Guha, the Head of Product Innovation at G-Cube. He further explains what the future holds for this globally popular tech leveraged for the purpose of bettering personalization on the web. He gave the examples of popular OTT portals such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, both vehemently exploiting the gains of the said model, also known as the ‘Channel Approach’.

Netflix rakes in USD 1 billion each year by ensuring strong customer retention with the use of recommender engines, or the channel approach.

When we talk of the currently thriving eLearning industry, the scope is unimaginable, using the channel approach for learner personalization. Basis the learners’ interest, training history, and content consumption choices, the recommender algorithm can throw in incredibly useful training suggestions for the learner.  This way, LXPs can be strengthened even further for learner personalization.

Popular portals for learning content delivery such as Udemy & Coursera are already benefitting from the same. Listen to what Mr. Sayan Guha, Head – Product Innovation, G-Cube has to say on the unprecedented adoption of the channel approach by LMS solution providers.

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