Remote Working for Inclusivity

Oct 20, 2020 | Trends

Almost a year into the ‘new normal’, businesses have finally realized the challenges as well as unpredictable advantages of remote working for its employees. A study conducted with 400 HRs has reported that 77% of them feel that employees are equally productive while working from home, if not more so.

So basically, Covid 19 has busted the myth that employees are productive or can work together only when in the physical office space. It has proven that the Monday townhalls you could not miss earlier, could have been just a video conference. The group meeting which always eats away half of your Friday evenings, could have been an email update and office is definitely not the temple of discipline.

These are not just fun facts worthy of becoming shareable memes on social media. These are eye-openers which should be enough to persuade organizations to hire differently abled individuals. In an article by the website, Top Occupation Therapy Schools, they have highlighted that 74% of organizations are ready to let a certain group of employees remain in remote work mode. But this attitude should not be limited to only able-bodied employees.

A simple google search will tell you, that 15% of the world’s population experiences disability in some form or the other but according to Washington Post ‘In developing countries, 80% to 90% of persons with disabilities of working age are unemployed, whereas in industrialized countries the figure is between 50% and 70%.’

Hiring of individuals with a physical or mental challenge has always been discouraged because of stigma and also the additional training, adjustment, resources and accommodations it may require. However remote working has changed the dynamics and it is now that organizations should take up the opportunity to become more inclusive. Hiring differently abled employees and giving them the comfort to work from home, shall make a huge difference for them socially, financially and mentally. This will also, eventually work towards ending the stigma and prejudices against the specially-abled employees.

COVID has shaken economies across the world, and whatever good we can learn from such a momentous tragedy is a blessing for those who shall be benefittedby the new trends. Diversity has always been one of the largest assets in the human resource department, and with remote working as a reality, companies can open their doors to a larger segment of reliable employees that otherwise would have been sidelined.

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