Social Media for Recruitment – What Say?

Mar 17, 2021 | Human Resource

Remember those days when social media was this place full of sweet nothings? Cat videos and babies tasting lemon for the first time. Beautiful days but humans had to ruin it with its continuous need for purpose. Soon, social media was being flooded with people showcasing their talent. Groups to help the job seeker meet the person hiring became a regular thing and before you knew it, social media became a HR dreamland with LinkedIn becoming almost more popular than Facebook.

Intelligent organizations these days are leveraging the unparalleled power of social media platforms to identify and recruit the best possible match for an open job role. That’s one of the smartest recruitment strategies out there, which only a small percentage of firms is exploiting to its optimal.

As per a survey encompassing hiring managers in North America, 58% believed that social professional networks serve as an effective tool to recruit quality hires.

Besides, social media recruiting is cost-effective. You don’t need to spend generously in running recruitment campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.

Let’s take a use case scenario where you, as an HR professional, are in search of a talented Graphic Designer. First step, you launch a recruitment campaign on your preferred social portal, let’s say LinkedIn. In the said campaign, you specifically target all the existing graphic designers in the city. In a few days’ time, the comments and applications showing interest start dropping in. You filter the applications after carefully studying their profile, call the best prospects for a face-to-face meet, and close the position with the most apt candidate.

Recruitment realized. Job well done! Congrats for the new hire!

At present, 87% of HR managers are leveraging LinkedIn to bag quality talent, 55% are exploiting Facebook, while 47% are employing Twitter.

That was just one case in a nutshell as an example to demonstrate the use of social media for recruiting. But, how about the ‘go-to strategy for social media hiring’. Let’s discuss just that.

Social Recruiting on a Strategic Level

Entailed below is a general, but streamlined strategy, that the HR business function can exercise to tap into the reservoir of talent existent over social.

Solidify the Brand Identity on Social

Have you imagined why the biggest of brands keep their social media presence strong all the time when they are already established? It is to strengthen the digital identity of the brand. They know that their largest chunk of potential consumers eats, sleeps, and breathes social media. You need to be consistent with posting about the organization’s culture, environment, and latest happenings.

Video Brings in the Optimal Engagement

It’s been proven time and again that video posts bring in the maximum engagement over social. Studies say that the engagement levels multiply by ten folds with video content. You may like to host Live Q&A sessions or can share bite-sized videos of the events that recently took place at your firm.

The other great way of enhancing engagement is asking your employees to share company’s posts from their social handles. The post outreach multiplies by eight when the organization’s staff reshares.

LinkedIn Groups are a Big Treasure of Talent

Find, and join the LinkedIn groups specific to your industry. There exists a hidden wealth of optimally skilled talent within these professional social groups. Engaging with them could aid in sourcing an ideal hire.

On a strategic level, that’s how you work to bring in the cream.

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