Succession Planning for Planned Success

Mar 17, 2021 | Human Resource

Undeniably, progress of any organization, team or project has a lot to do with the leadership that is spearheading the upward movement. Try and imagine Apple’s success without Steve Job or denying Indra Nooyi’s contribution in Pepsico’s journey. Does not feel right, right?

But realizing the need of an organization and directing in the right path needs a leader to understand the needs first. To nurture leaders who will understand this need, there is need of a plan in line with the organization’s vision. Enter, Succession planning!    

The brilliant process of succession planning follows the principles of identifying crucial job skills, knowledge, social relationships and organizational practices and passing them on to prepare the next generation of workers, thereby ensuring the seamless movement of talent within the organization. The convergence of the organization’s needs and the employees’ interests can occur in succession planning because of its wide scope and open process. Not only for large organization, this method works beautifully for smaller organizations as well. Effective job design, varied internal development opportunities and smart organizational structure are important practices to promote the achievement of organizational objectives while creating an environment that promotes employee engagement and retention.

Karan Kumar Shah, Head – Human Resource, Zydus Medical College and Hospital, has some tips to share for effective development of internal leadership.

Have a Long Term View

With the right assessment of gaps and challenges, high performing employees can be guided on the right path to become leaders in the organization. From a multi-level process, this can be brought down to a dual level process that allows for faster and frequent role enhancement. As the planner, your view of the project should not only be limited to feeling a position but to see into the future to align the future leadership with the vision.  

Coach them Right

With the view in place, it is now the management’s responsibility to nurture the talent they see in these potential candidates. They have to be trained right from the very beginning which will finally enable them to assume the role you have envisioned for them. To actually fulfill the prophecy that you have made for the future of the organization, you have to work on the way ahead by connecting the dots of your employee’s current level, potential level and the training required to make the shift.

Keep it Flexible

Change is that one constant that you cannot overlook. Keep your processes flexible to accommodate any change that may come your way. If the pandemic season has taught us anything, it is to accept change as a path of growth. It is not about what you have learnt in you HR MBA classes but in your days in the office, with the current generation of workers that should guide your planning.

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