The Absent UI for your LMS

Sep 15, 2020 | Trends

Yes, you read that right. It is absolutely possible that in near future your Learning Management System will not have a user interface that you see. Experts are of the opinion that learning management systems can be integrated with the existing communication platforms and methods we have, eliminating the need for a separate LMS UI.  

With the advent of LXPs or the Learning Experience Platforms, corporate learning has become exceedingly learner centric and open ended. Which means it is a process of personal growth for the learner which is aligned to the growth path of the company. Keeping the personalization of learning in mind, learning management systems focus on providing flexibility to learners. This flexibility in turn lets the user decide the time, space and pace at which they learn gradually eliminating the need for an LMS user interface which has traditionally functioned as a close platform.  

Instead what is being leveraged is the existing mode of communications like Whatsapp, Messenger, Emails etc. The current generation of learners are from the digital age and are absolutely comfortable with conversing with an AI. Therefore, in the absence of cards and menus on an LMS UI, the user can simply type in a request for a particular course or learning material, and the chat bot on the learning management can bring back the requested material for the user. Email notifications act as the perfect alternative of the app notification for reminders and announcements.    

This reminds one, of the days of MS DOS where instead of clicking on a command button, one had to type it out. However, the immense progress in the domains of Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence has made it possible that the user can even voice out his or her concern to get an answer. With a Siri or an Alexa becoming an increasingly common household presence, experts have suggested that it is possible to integrate your LMS to these bots where they can help you manage and access your learning material. Possibly even act as a trainer or guide.  

Hopefully, that time is not far away when an instructional designer for LMS will no longer be designing slides or video content but interactions between an AI chatbot and your employee.  

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