The Inevitability of Interactive eLearning

Feb 11, 2021 | Learning

Gone are the days when employees in corporations used to take training in-premise. In the digital era, people are working remotely which at times can cost you the engagement, and more importantly, interactivity.

But then, there is hope!

Interactive content makes up for the loss of learner engagement in training courses. It constitutes multimedia eLearning modules that are information-rich, engaging, and impactful. For instance, infographics, simulated environments, gamification, AR (Augmented Reality), & VR (Virtual Reality). The purpose is to make learners communicate with the content.

Interactive content always arouses an intuitive feeling in the learner that makes him relate to the content, thereby resulting in better knowledge-retention. This is where it beats the traditional forms of learning-delivery, wherein the learning content lacked relatability.

As per numerous studies, interactive eLearning results in an impressive 600% increase in knowledge-retention among the students. While the use of AR & VR technologies in eLearning seems like a far-sighted idea, the other modes of generating engagement can certainly be leveraged. May be, five years from now, the AR & VR led learning becomes mainstream, who knows, the growth in technological advancements is at an all-time high, thanks to rapid digitalization post COVID.

Listen to what Jyoti Sabharwal, Delivery Manager – Content PreSales, G-Cube Solutions has to say on the future of interactive eLearning in the ‘new normal’.

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