The Perfection Lies in Customization

Feb 16, 2021 | Tech

Every aviation firm, globally, struggles with adherence to the stringent regulatory laws, and in the process, wastes a considerable chunk of its capital. The training needs are extensive in the said domain, and you have to abide by every single regulation stated in the federal books. It can pertain to anything, ranging from flight safety, to crew training, to respecting the international air boundaries. Non-compliance can lead to seizure of organizational operations!

Imagine yourself as an L&D Head of an airline that has been served a notice in the recent past by the regulatory authority on failing a compliance check. What sort of pressure would you feel in such a situation? On top of that, if the federal body has, of late, issued a few new compliance guidelines, you start feeling an even greater pressure to comply perfectly this time.

But then, you fail to find an ideal tool that can help do the job for you. A regular Learning Management System is not even an option. You need a specialized solution, as regulatory guidelines demand quick enactment.

Customized Features to the Rescue

You heard about the aviation LMS from one of the industry peers and decided to take the leap of faith so as to not make the mistake made previously that led to the failing in the adherence checks. So, you deployed one with advanced automation features that can help keep track of each employee’s training needs, across departments. The dedicated LMS came in with loaded features conforming to the sophisticated needs of compliance training in aviation.

It did its magic by offering a 360-degree solution to compliance training management, which comprised:

  • Sending push notifications to every organizational employee reminding him of certification expiry date or introducing a new certification course.
  • Recommending new compliance training programs to individuals based on their role and job position.
  • Tracking certification completion progress and capturing assessment results. 
  • Providing with automated training reports to the supervisors from time to time for monitoring purposes.
  • Forecasting number of training hours to be invested in the near future so as to comply with regulatory standards.

You eventually passed the latest adherence checks conducted by the regulatory body with flying colors. This time, it felt like a breeze!

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