The Talent May be Sitting a Few Yards from You

Mar 3, 2021 | Tech

You have never realized what you already had under the roof of your organizational premises, if you hadn’t looked for the talent, internally. May be, the new opening you have posted about on varied talent-sourcing portals has a match sitting a few yards from you at the office. As an HR personnel, a majority commits the said mistake by seeking talent outside of their firm, while not reviewing their existing talent pool to fill in the vacant job positions.

But not to worry anymore, AI-powered HR tech is there to help you out in matching the talent needs from within the organization. How? Here it is.

The AI-assisted HR software tool analyses the people data from within the organization, process it, matches people skills against the open job profile, and basis that, presents you with the exact match you have been looking for, for long. Sounds like an interesting affair? Correct. Because it actually is.

But the bigger question is, is your workforce, especially the HR team, ready to operate on the new technology? Do you have the AI infrastructure in place? Can you train people to adapt to the same? If the answer is yes, you are more than welcome to start implementing the said disruptive tech from today itself and take the competitive lead.

Have you thought of how much capital you will be saving on talent-sourcing once you become adept at leveraging AI-enabled HR Tech for internal talent mobility? Moreover, it will certainly result in an enhanced employee engagement and retention rate.

And it’s just not limited to internal talent mobility solutions with use of the employee data, but can help with a number of other HR business functions, right from candidate screening to onboarding, and everything in between, such as interview scheduling and HR compliance management. The AI-led HR Tech simply automates every such process, and by the virtue of it, there is least human intervention needed.

Schneider Electric, an European MNC that offers energy & automation digital resolves, has been among the few firms that made the perfect use of AI-powered HR Tech. They developed an AI-backed internal portal dedicated to talent mobility needs, by the name – OTM (Open Talent Market). It allowed employees to match themselves with open opportunities within the organization. All they had to do is to create a profile on OTM, and the rest will be taken care of by the AI.

The result was, what had taken HR managers 3-4 weeks (matching talent to current openings) traditionally, was now being done within 30-60 seconds with help from automation offered by the AI.

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