The Unexplored Water of Social Learning

Feb 2, 2021 | Learning

As an L&D (Learning and Development) professional, have you ever thought of the humongous success some businesses have achieved making use of social media? According to the popular L&D blogger,  Sophia Grainger, there is nothing that had been as successful as social media platforms in terms of generating engagement. Many brands and individuals have leveraged social media optimally, thereby becoming highly successful in developing engagement with the target audience.

In case of brands, they were successful in creating a larger customer base, while in the case of individuals, they have been able to promote themselves as a brand itself, and eventually, becoming influencers.

Likewise, L&D professionals too, can take inspiration from the influencers in their industry domain. A lot can be learned from internal influencers (popular digital personalities within a specific industry domain). Here’s how you, as an L&D professional, can learn socially, by following internal influencers. The thing is called social learning.

Follow Internal Influencers

Similar to how popular social media influencers show the pathway to small and rising influencers, you too, as an L&D professional can grasp the valuable knowledge by subscribing to the learnings & thoughts of internal influencers. They are the ones who will inspire you, feed you with new learning initiatives, provide you with insightful industry data, and will make you aware of the current L&D trends. Don’t ever avoid the opportunity of social learning!

Social Learning can be Exploited to Generate Engagement among Learners

It’s quite evident that social media is all about engagement, communication, and fun. In fact, it’s the best model to learn from when it comes to generating engagement among your learners. As a competent L&D professional, you ought to generate interest among your trainees about the learning program. Ensure keeping your learners engaged at all times by remaining in touch with them not only at the time of sharing a new learning initiative, but otherwise too.

You can proactively adopt an LMS (Learning Management System) that offers the feature of social learning. The said feature allows learners to engage among themselves and learn from each other. Such kind of an LMS would have discussion forums and chatbots integrated. 

Maintaining a Healthy Balance of Creation & Curation

What you can find on social media is a perfect blend of content creation & curation. The second part brings us to the much ‘debated’ user generated content. While we champion peer to peer learning as a primary social learning practice, User Generated Content is considered experimental. L&D professionals don’t need to create all of their learning content. Use your internal influencers to create content your employees shall relate to and you will have effective learning.

Reporting & Data Analytics

Brands on social media make optimal use of the analytics tools social media portals offer. Basis the reports generated by such tools, they identify their target audience, and accordingly design sales campaigns. Likewise, learning professionals can make efficient use of the LMS (Learning Management System) analytics features that offer valuable data regarding learners’ progress. This will help them understand trainees (employees) in a better way, and hence, can accordingly, bring changes to the training program. Moreover, you can keep a constant eye on internal influencers in the social media. Seek data regarding changes in learning trends, and the new L&D initiatives cropping up within the industry.

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