The Weakest Link in Cyber Security

Nov 10, 2020 | Learning

… are your employees. There. We said it.

Of course, we have firewalls and security software but as it has been already pointed out, the most vulnerable point in this situation is your workforce and they have to be taught how to tackle the attacks on your company’s cyber presence. Organizations simply cannot deny the need for cyber security training for their employees at this stage.

Surveys have been done to get to the root of the problems like phishing and malware attack, and not so surprisingly in 90% cases the employee’s lack of digital knowledge has led to data breach. In maximum situations, the human factor is what gets exploited in case of an attack and as the employees lack the knowledge about cyber security, they fail to recognize these attempts and take necessary protective measures. In the age where digital literacy is an absolute necessity for an employee, cyber security training is also a must.

Information technology security professionals are also of the opinion that due to lack of knowledge employees have failed to recognize malicious activities which has resulted into serious damage. Spear phishing, social engineering, ransom ware, malware – should not be just terms that your employees know about when they are handling sensitive data related to your business or customer. They should also know how these problems will occur, how to evade them and more importantly, report it to the concerned authority. For example, how many of your employees know that phishing does not happen through emails only, but a LinkedIn connect as well?

Continuous training and updating the employees has helped multiple organizations manage the risk of security violation. This in turn increases the trustworthiness of your company among your clients and customers. While the world is shifting to virtual work mode, the biggest threat to any business still remains to be the lack of security of data. Don’t you think it’s time we gave this a thought?

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