Uncomplicating Onboarding with Videos

Oct 20, 2020 | Human Resource

Onboarding can be a daunting task for companies and an intimidating ordeal for new hires, but 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for more than 3 years if they experience a good onboarding. That’s how important the whole process is as it defines how the individual is integrated into the organization.

With Work-From-Home becoming the new normal, companies are adapting the onboarding process to be entirely digital, including virtual live induction sessions. While this is useful to grasp concepts on the fly and have a significantly higher understanding rate than reading lengthy text-basedguides, it reliesa little too much on the power of the user’s memoryretention alone. Did you know that 65% people are visual learners?This is where the tandem use of videos comes in to bridge the gap, let’s find out how.

Time Saver

More often than not, newly hired staff may want to revisit their guide of references to check or learn a procedure, concept, rule or expectation. Reading lengthy documents is time taking and unhelpful.Having an archive of recorded video for quick references to procedures and explanationswill not only save time but also be more engaging. 

Independent and Accessible

What may be routine for seasoned employees can be an entirely alien concept for the newbie. Individuals also have differentialmemorizationand grasping speeds and styles. Be it a salary related query or an attendance policy they wish to know more about, knowing whom to reach out to while working remotely can be a headache. A video repository helps the new hires who hesitate to ask questions to theirbuddies or managersrepeatedly, who might not always be available to answer as well.

Enabling Remote Working

As businesses adapt and switch to the new conditions of work everywhere, it is important to stay afloat with the new practices that ease everyone into the most efficient yet comfortable style of working. Traditionally organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 50% more employee engagement. The onboarding videos can work as an archive of policies and guidelines for the remote workforce you hire.

Reportedly, audio-visual content increases retention by 400% which sort of underlines the resounding need of video-based onboarding content. We must welcome the idea that becoming future ready is not about the big transitions, it is mostly about the small changes we need to make to appreciate the avenues we have to help individuals drive the ultimate transformation.

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