User Generated Content: The L&D Stepchild

Sep 15, 2020 | Trends

Accept it or not, we ignore user generated content exactly as much as the title portrays. Honestly, it is quite unimaginable to most learning and development professional that learning can happen through anything but carefully designed content which has a beginning, middle and end with intermittent evaluations. But that is so last decade.  

While learning management systems are eagerly adapting themselves to compete with social media platforms with features like the feed, likes, share one truly wonders why user generated content is still considered experimental. Your learners are basically consumers who are getting bombarded by content of their choice that is being created every minute on various platforms and they are capable of digesting this amount of content. It is only ignorant to think that this cannot be adapted to your learning process.  

A question that is often asked about UGC is how reliable is it? Youtube, a user generated content platform with 2 billion users world wide where 500 hours of content gets uploaded every minute. Between 2017 and 2018 the number of people coming to Youtube looking for information doubled. What does this say about the reliability of UGC? It’s pretty high. Viewers have trusted the feedback or advice of another user more and the same should be leveraged in a learning scenario.  

UGC brings an authenticity to learning content that works as a motivator like no other. When we see another person perform a task or talk about a task we need to master, we feel more confident about reaching our goal. The fact that this person is not another teacher or an instructor but still an expert gives more inspiration than any motivational speaker.  

So invite your experienced and expert resources to contribute content for their peers to learn from and look upto. Maybe those won’t be your most pristine content but definitely will be most loved.

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