Virtual Sales Training: The Covid Season Special

Nov 24, 2020 | Learning

Almost all the businesses that grew during the Covid season have one thing in common. All of them were digital ready. Even their sales execs were able to continue performing during the lockdown with the help of their training in virtual sales.

However, in surveys conducted by sales training organizations, it has been found that a mere 16% of buyers say, sellers are very effective at making the ROI case when selling virtually. If you are looking for a go-to strategy here’s what Dr Jasmine Gupta, National Product Head, Equitas Small Finance Bank had to say about training in her exclusive interview with HCMguru.

‘I think learning also needs to go digital. It cannot be the old method of classroom learning that can continue. We see virtual classrooms coming up, we see so many of online learning platforms and so I think even employees would want to like to learn on the go at the point of sale. They will not have the time to sit around and go through lengthy one hour or two hours of learning sessions. But maybe they would want to learn it right when they are sitting in the front of the customer.’

Ease of Access

Customers have access to information base larger than ever before. They want answers to ensure they’re making informed decisions thanks to the comparisons offered by the digital space. Virtual sales training makes the material available at the point of sale – making your sales guys look more trustworthy, feel more confident with a remote customer.

Cost Effective

Extensive training and management of the same requires time, money and energy. In a dispersed workforce situation, it is multiplied by two. Compared to traditional learning, virtual sales training is more streamlined and uniformed. It allows you to track course completion, assign new courses, update learning material even when your sales team is working from home.

Learning Flexibility

The current generation does not do very well with lack of access. It is simply not enough to stress how significantly beneficial virtual training is for any learning solution as it removes the learner from the confinement of time and space allowing them to choose their comfort.

While a sales team forms the backbone of a company, make sure the company is also working hard towards strengthening the backbone. However, here’s a fun fact. According to studies by firms like Bain and McKinsey, virtual sales was inevitable and will continue to be the new normal. Covid might have just given it a little push.

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