What are people learning?

Nov 24, 2020 | Learning

Somehow, we can’t stop talking about the pandemic and rightly so. These unprecedented times have affected human life in ways we could hardly predict and one of them is – professionals have turned to willful learning.

To quote Emily Poague, Vice President of Marketing, LinkedIn Learning and Glint, ‘Professionals have been learning at record rates since COVID-19 hit and have added more than 140 million skills to their LinkedIn profiles since March.’ That is a huge number for people who had to focus their energy to adapting to the new mode of work, deal with the distress of social isolation and the panic of Covid-19. This only proves that learning or developing skills have remained to be a priority for professionals as they chose to upgrade their abilities as required even through these times. Let’s take a look at the 3 key areas of interest for most learners according to LinkedIn Learning and that should give you an idea about the focus areas for your L&D strategy.

Sales & Customer Experience

Sales and customer experience have always been a lot about face to face interaction in multiple industries. Providing satisfactory customer care solutions became a challenge when the whole interaction went remote. Professionals turned to learning to find solutions and answers to this unprecedented situation. However, as the remote-first work strategy remains to be a favourite, as an L&D professional you should be taking a closer look at your sales and customer care executives’ training to ensure that they are equipped with the know-how of the digital customer experience domain. A lot more on this here.

Digital Marketing

This has been hot cake even before the pandemic started but with people having to remain indoors, a lot more businesses focused their spending on digital marketing this year leading to higher demand in digital marketing skills. Professionals had to opt for courses in the domain across industries to keep up. As the world moves towards a digital first environment this might just be the right moment to enhance your marketing team’s digital capabilities.

Data Analytics

The big data is everywhere. Goes without saying that pandemic or no pandemic, knowing data analysis has become a skill, business professionals can not go without. With technology enabling complex data collection, analyzing the same for better results has led to exceptional business achievement. Even as businesses and organizations had to revamp their structure owing to the Covid-19 crisis, analyzing the numbers helped them stabilize sooner than expected – a fact, leaders have accepted unanimously. A bit more can be found here.

Enabling employees with learning, preparing them with knowledge is the best support an organization can offer which in turn ensures that the employees drive your business. Devise your strategy with the employee at the center and watch leaders grow.

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