What does Customer Learning do to your Business?

Sep 15, 2020 | Learning

You have been doing it through sales anyway. Yes, you have been training your customers through sales executives for the longest time now. However, shouldn’t you look at bringing more structure to your customer learning exercises? 

Businesses tend to overlook the impact customer learning have on their growth and focus all their energy on getting the employee trained and up to date. Of course, that is important, and it is important because your employees need to know absolutely everything there is to know about your products, your business module and the whole enchilada to drive it. But how do they drive the business? They share that knowledge, convincing your customers to invest in your product.  

Now imagine, bringing shape to your customer learning and driving it through properly created learning programs. A well-informed customer is also a dedicated customer ensuring regular business and brand loyalty. In a Brandon Hall study, it was seen that 62 percent of organizations which focus on customer learning, offer at least some of the same training content to employees and customers. Much you’re your employee training, customer education shall also include showcasing products, services, and solutions. Depending on your business module, it may also include building competency around systems and platforms; or highlighting key elements of a brand. Customer education is basically the process of providing customers with the information they may need throughout the buying cycle and while using your product or service to meet their organizational or personal needs.  

What most organizations fail to recognize is that customer training gives the end user a lot of confidence to use the product. Knowledge makes them choose better and in turn feel assured, not only about their own choice but the product or service. Going forward they feel comfortable recommending the same to others because they have found reliability through their learning. 

Studies show that 67% of buyers research about the product online before buying it. Do you want them to rely only on third party reviews? Definitely not. So grab their eyeballs early on with your content and help them learn better.   

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